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September 6, 2017 10:06 pm Published by

Wedding at Plantation Oaks Farms in Callahan, Florida

Wedding of Josh & Rachel Reibling at Plantion Oaks Farms in Callahan, Florida just ousdie of Jacksonville.  We always love to travel so if you have a out of state wedding somewhere else in Florida, contact us, we love to do destination weddings.

Josh & Rachel were new students to Florida State University seeking an education, but most importantly seeking a continual relationship with God. They both attend the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) to meet and fellowship with other Christians. Soon after, they both happened to sign up for a Thursday night tribe group (small group Bible study). Thanks to 2 amazing peer tribe group leaders, they continued to participate in this fellowship and Bible study every Thursday. This tribe group allowed them to make friends at FSU and deepen their relationship with Jesus. The first memory they have of each other is when the gorup met at Lake Ella for a Bible study. This was the beginning of their lifelong friendship. Little did they know, God had bigger plans in store. A few days before New Years Eve, Josh invited Rachel to attend the FSU bowl game in Atlanta. Both slightly nervous to take the long road trip together, they decided to attend. After a great adventure including a long drive of talking without the radio even on, Josh & Rachel have been inseparable ever since, and were married at Plantation Oaks Farms in August 2017.

Wedding JacksonvilleJosh & Rachel did a foot washing ceremony which is a great alternative to the Unity Candle for a Christian Couple.  It is a great way to show the biblical command for the groom to “love his wife, like Christ loves the church”, by washing the brides feet just like Jesus washed the Disciples feet.

Plantation Oaks Farms was a great venue for wedding. There was plenty of great backgrounds for photography and video, and the staff was nice. For more inforamtion on weddings at Plantation Oaks Farms see