Renaissance Wedding at Kapok Special Events

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November 30, 2015 10:36 pm Published by

Aerial Tour of Kapok Gardens & Ballroom

Renaissance Wedding at Kapok Special Events

The Renaissance Wedding at Kapok Special Events of Danielle & Anthony Noble shot by our Clearwater Photographer, Jamie.  The Kapok Special Events give a photographer many opportunities for creative photos, and to have a renaissance themed wedding made us feel like a kid in a candy store.  This venue is full of old world european architecture.   It was formerly known as the Kapok Tree Inn when it opened in 1958 with hundreds of imported columns, statues, paintings, and chandeliers surrounded by tropical foliage.  In 1991 the Kapok Tree Inn’s doors were unexpectedly closed.  It was turned into a music store now which is still on property, but the gardens and ballroom is used for special events and weddings.

Renaissance Wedding at Kapok Special Events

On this wedding we used a drone, flying into the garden and the ballroom.  The checkered styled floor in the garden allows for some nice shots from the drone shooting down.  The gardens are great in the day as well as the night being lit with lamps, and fire poles.  On the backside of the building, near the ballroom is the greek styled water fountain.

Kapok Special Events Center

The Florida Room is where the ceremonies take place with its grand arches with lights and chandeliers.  It is important to have a photographer and videographer who are very experience, because the color in the room can be odd, and with the outdoor lighting changing the color, a photographer has to constantly adjust the color temperature of his camera or else the skin tones can look too warm (yellowish) for too cold (blueish).


A silhouette of the bride with her father appears in the back of the room just before she walks down the aisle, it is a very powerful effect.

Kapok Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom has an amazing chandelier as you can see in this picture.  The stair case looks like something from the Titanic which always gives an elegant look for photography.  We try to shoot from the balcony to the ground floor with the Chandelier in the forefront of the pictures, provides for an amazing shot.


There was a duel with swords that entertained guests during dinner.


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