Lange Farm Wedding

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May 4, 2017 10:59 pm Published by

The 2nd of 3 weddings at Lange Farm in a 5 week period. This the wedding of Janelee Clements & Shane Gearhart. Although we’ve shot many weddings at Lange Farm this was the first with the ceremony in this particular spot. It was behind the Garden House in the shady area along the rock-walled creek, which was a great idea. Everyone was in the shade which is good for their comfort but also good for a photographer’s & videographer’s lighting adjustments.

Janelee & Shane met in college in their senior year. His fraternity was next door to her sorority. We both went on a roadtrip to Tennessee for the UF vs TN football game, then when they arrived back, Shane asked Janelee on their first date to the County Fair and the rest was history.

Sometimes on a wedding the dancing can get a little monotonous; not so on this wedding. With a lively bridal party, a dancing Cake Cutter, and the real life energizer bunny who just kept going and going in this little dance around the whole dance floor the whole night, it really was a unique reception. The family made the cakes. The most elaborate collection of several cakes which the “dancing cake-cutter” served to all the guests. The food was first rate, not your typical wedding food, was catered by Fresh Green Tomatoes 

On a huge wedding it took a great cordinator to magically bring everything and everyone together.t Angie Whitmore was that event planner who we worked with once before and always does a great job.

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