Wedding in Vero Beach


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Vero Beach Hotel & Spa from Celebrations of Tampa Bay on Vimeo.

Destination Wedding at Vero Beach Hotel & Spa

Wedding in Vero Beach

Highlights from a destination wedding in Vero Beach of Jennifer & Marco Matteo at the Vero Beach Hotel & Spa.
Jennifer & Marco are from Quebec Canada and chose Vero Beach because it was where they were engaged.  The ceremony was on the back patio of the hotel with a very nice view of the ocean, as you can see in the opening shots we did with a drone.  Weddings at the Vero Beach hotel and spa are very convenient, with the reception ballroom being right next to the area where the ceremony is at.

Vero Beach Hotel & Spa


Wedding at Vero Beach HotelI love shooting weddings on the east coast of Florida.  Although there are not sunsets on the east coast, there are many advantages for a photographer.  The color of the sand is darker and in Vero Beach tends to have a Goldish color to it.  This provides much better contrast than the white sandy beaches of the west coast.  We would have done many shots on the beach, but this bride did not want to go out into the sand.  I talked her into the one shot we did, where we had the groom carry her to a concrete area that was near the sand just so we could get something with the beach in the background.  Another advantage to the east coast is the lighting works more in a photographers favor.  Instead of shooting towards the sun, in the late afternoon we are shooting with the sun behind us.  The water on the Atlanttic Ocean tends to have more color to it than the Gulf of Mexico.

Weddings Vero Beach Hotel & Spa


Vero Beach also tends to be less crowded than the bigger beaches on the west coast.  We stayed at the Costa d’ Este Hotel which a easy walk from the Vero Beach Hotel & Spa.  We arrived on a Saturday evening with the wedding being on Sunday.  We started the video with a drone shot over Sebastian Inlet which is about 12 miles north of Vero Beach.  I could not believe how the beach was suprisingly uncrowed.  After doing a wedding on Clearwater Beach the night before, the relaxed atmosphere of Vero Beach was very nice.
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