Wedding at the Rusty Pelican

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May Wedding at Rusty Pelican

Must have an Experience Photographer if having a wedding at the Rusty Pelican


The Rusty Pelican is such a great venue for artistic photography and cinematic video, however, it is important to have an experienced Tampa Photographer. A photographer has to be highly skilled in changing settings on his or her camera to compensate for this. On this wedding at The Rusty Pelican, I had the water from the bay in the background, however the sun was pretty bright so I had to try to get a solid background like the building or bushes to difuse some of the light from the sun. Weddings at Rusty Pelican I love shooting weddings at the Rusty Pelican because they are a challange, and I know it will separate the good photographers from the bad photographers. If a photographer is inexperienced, it will show in the pictures. On the last wedding we did at the Rusty Pelican, I had to help the mother of the bride long after the wedding with advice on what to do with her pictures which she was disappointed with, as she had another photographer from a different company shoot it. It is such a beautiful venue, it is worth it to pay for the experrience photographer who knows how to deal with challenges that weddings at the Rusty Pelican can present.

Weddings at the Rusty PelicanRusty Pelican Weddings

This was the wedding of Claudia & William Hawtry.  Due to the angle of the Rusty Pelican to the direction of the sun, there tends to be a shade vs sun border that hits somewhere on the ceremony site. We used 5 ground level cameras and one camera in the air with the drone. We never like to shoot a wedding at the Rusty Pelican without multiple cameras, so that if one or two cameras is dealing with an obstacle (like a bright sun) we have other cameras from different angles that might have a better shot. Rusty Pelican Tampa WeddingI love using GoPros at the Rusty Pelican. In this wedding we used 2 GoPros, mounting one at the top of the Gazebo and one on the ground. In this particular wedding the bride and groom were standing much closer to the Gazebo than they normally do so that GoPro didn’t have the best shot for the vows & rings, but did have a great shot for Father giving Daughter away and recessional. The GoPro on the Ground was excellent, aimed up at bridal party and showing the sun peaking through the trees.

We also did the Uplighting on this wedding which always look great int he Grand Ballroom of the Rusty Pelican.