Wedding at Tampa Palms Country Club

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June 20, 2015 11:06 pm Published by

Groom flies drone filming his bride on wedding at Tampa Palms

Wedding at Tampa Palms

Great Photography is all about CONTRAST,  and a wedding at Tampa Palms always provide great contrast with rich green grass overlooking a lake.   On this wedding at Tampa Palms, we had the groom fly the drone filming his bride, a cute little segment right after ceremony.  One thing I love about the wedding business is you always learn something new.  On this wedding I learned out to do the “doggy paw”, a little family tradition with the brides family (see video at 1min 4sec for a good laugh)

As a Tampa Photographer, we love a wedding at Tampa Palms Country Club. There are many areas that make great backgrounds and all in a small area. The Ceremony is in the beautiful circular veranda that over looks the lake with a water fountain. On this wedding the bride had some draping which covered some of the nice background that you would normally have for the ceremony. The rich green grass along with the trees and the water fountain, make a great back drop when shooting straight up the aisle. At Tampa Palms you really don’t need much decorating for the ceremony because the natural surroundings provided a great look. If you have a arch or draping, it covers some of the nice natural surroundings.
The reception was in the adjacent ballroom which is a nice size for a bigger wedding. There is even enough room to fly the drone, as we did for the last dance.


What we did like about the draping is that it allowed us to tape a GoPro right on the frame shooting down on the ceremony. Normally at Tampa Palms we would mount a Go Pro up high like this, however it would have to be taped to the wall and thus would have to be at an angle.


The antique wooden bridge provides a nice area for wedding photography. In this case we used a drone which provided stunning shots flying over the water. The sun sets through the hanging moss on the oak treas also is great for a wedding at Tampa Palms.  When the sun is bright during the day the pillars on the front part of the building allow the bridal party to be in the shade yet offers a elegant background for pictures.  These pics were taken off the video, the still photographer was Jeff Mason Photography.  Jeff and his assistant Stephanie, were really great to work with.  Stephanie was very good at interacting with the bridal party to get great expressions.

Tampa Palms Weddings
Another great advantage to Tampa Palms is they have rooms on site for the bride and groom which have nice balconies and artistic french doors. This allows some great pre-ceremony photography and video.
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