Love Story Andrea & Jeff Dektas

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April 16, 2015 12:04 pm Published by

Videographer in TampaBeing a videographer in Tampa gives you an appreciation of Life! That was evident on the day we shot this Love Story as 3 pedestrians were run over by a car on Harbour Island Bridge.  One man losing his life, walking back to the Westin Harbour Island after having dinner with his wife, was killed as a car drove on the sidewalk, while we were interviewing the bride about 70 yards away. It was in an area where we normally do shots with our Love Story couple after interviews with them, and we were probably about 30 minutes from being in that exact spot. It makes you appreciate life because you never know when something like that can happen.

Andrea & JeffOften when I video, I think about who will watch this video, several years down the road.  For this particular couple to think about their future kids and how they will be able to watch this cinematic video of the story telling how their parents met and fell in love for each other.  That just gives me the chills.  We are not guaranteed another minute, so we really have to appeciate the time that God has given us and show love to others while they are with us.
This the Love Story of Andrea Trendy & Jason Decktas and their two Dogs Bruce & Ted. Andrea & Jason will be getting married this Saturday at Tampa Bay Watch. Special thanks to Curb Records for giving us permission to use this song by Lee Bride “A Woman Like You”.

Love Story – Andrea & Jeff from Celebrations of Tampa Bay on Vimeo.