Safety Harbor Spa Weddings

April 13, 2015 10:56 pm Published by

Safety Harbor Spa Weddings in March, July, and Late August Wedding



Safety Harbor Spa WeddingsWe wanted to feature three Safety Harbor Spa Weddings on this blog to show the variety of this venue in two different seasons.   The March wedding ceremony was on the outdoor deck near the pool, whereas the late August wedding was inside the Four Springs Ballroom.

As a photographer we love Safety Harbor Spa Weddings because of so many areas indoors and outdoors that make for great backgrounds for wedding photography.  We like to use the water fountain on the backside of the resort in the late afternoon, because that area has plenty of shade.  Wedding Safety Harbor SpaIf the bridesmaids are up for it, we will even put them in the water fountain.  During sunset we love the water fountain at the front entrance, when the sunlight is softer.  During dusk we like to move again to the back side using the rich green grass, manicured landscape,  and the tall palm trees in the background.  There is also the Safety Harbor Pier which you see at the beginning of both of these videos.  On the wedding in March there was a carnivale happening at the pier so there was too much traffic to do any portraits there.

Four Seasons BallroomSafety Harbor Spa also has some great areas inside as well.  The Four Seasons Ballroom is obviously great with its domed ceiling, chandelier, and european style pillars throughout the room.  History Hall which is the area between the Four Seasons Ballroom and the Athena Ballroom, is another great area for pictures, with a piano, and some very fancy chairs.  We will usually shoot the guys pre-ceremony shots in this area, and then at some point during the reception, do some bride and groom portraits in here.

Safety Harbor Florida located in western of Pinellas County, on the eastern shores of Tampa Bay. Safety Harbor, Fl is a small-town which amazingly seems unaffected by the heavily urbanized Pinellas County it sits in. This poplular wedding venue, vacation destination, and historical landmark Safety Harbor Resort & Spa is on the corner of Main Street & Bayshore Blvd, located near Clearwater.  The name Safety Harbor originated from the early 18th century, when pirates were a substantial influence in the area. Once ships reached this area of the bay, all threats from pirates were gone, and it was commonly referred to as a “Safe Harbor”, thus the name Safety Harbor.  We have done several events at this beautiful resort, please contact us if you have any questions about Safety Harbor Spa