Colombian Wedding at Powel Crosley Estate

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April Wedding at Powel Crosley Estate

Colombian Couple Ready to make Coffee Bean Babies

Wedding at Powel Crosley EstateWedding at Powel Crosley Estate of Natalie Gomez & Giovanni in Sarasota.  What an emotional ceremony, Natalie could barely make it through as she was so overcome with emotion, and cracked a couple of jokes at the same time.  It was very evident that she was deeply in love, as her vows were full of some very well thought out comments, full of substance.  As a videographer, we just absolutely love the emotion.  The emotion started while Natalie was getting ready, as she presented a gift to her mother, who was also full of tears.  We then captured Natalie reading the card from Giovanni, and she was already in tears before she even started to read it, and while reading it, you could tell that she was shaken to the core.

Gomez-596The ceremony was in courtyard at the Powel Crosley Estate, probably a little earlier than we photographers and videographer would have preferred.  It can be very bright there, however, we made adjustments with our cameras and the ceremony turned out fine.  If having a wedding in the courtyard of the Powel Crosley Mansion, it is ideal to have it a little later in the day where the sun is not so harsh.  For the video we used 5 ground level cameras, 2 DSLRS, 2 traditional video cameras, and a go pro.  In the last 4 months, I have shot 5 weddings at this beautiful mansion and 4 of them have been on different locations, so there are plenty of options for a ceremony here.

Powel Crosley WeddingThe Powel Crosley Estate built in 1929 has a vintage, yet tropical atmosphere.  This popular Sarasota wedding venue is located near the Ringling Museum, on the border of Bradenton and Sarasota.    The mansion has a “Mediterranean Revival” style architecture that gives so many opportunities for great wedding photography.  It is seemingly right out of a fairy tale. Some great areas for photos are, the  balcony, the lawn, the front of the house, and banyan trees. Sarasota Photographers On this particular wedding we were limited on the front because there were cars from the coordinators who had parked there.  It is very important to ensure that no one parks in the circular drive way for this reason.  We were able to utilize the popular ship room, the steps in the courtyard, and of coarse the sunsets on the lawn are stunning.  We like to do the family and bridal party photos right after the ceremony in the front of the house, because 1). this area is in the shade and 2) it is always away from the guests, so there’s fewer interruptions.  If having a wedding at Powel Crosley, always allow plenty of time for photos, so that you get your money’s worth at this beautiful estate.  As a photography we like to allow for more time here, than most wedding venues, because of the different areas around the mansion for photos.

Love Story – Natalie & Giovanni from Celebrations of Tampa Bay on Vimeo.

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