10 Unique Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Love

April 13, 2017 4:03 pm Published by

Article written by Josh Fletcher

Tampa Wedding Photographer ForksWhen it comes to planning your wedding, you absolutely can NOT forget about the guests! It’s important to leave a lasting impression on everyone who attended the wedding with the perfect Wedding Favor for them to always remember the day by. Here are some top ideas when it comes to Wedding Favor options:

Bottle Openers


Bottle openers are a classic gift idea and one that never gets old. Plus, they can be used after the wedding is over for years! This makes them a very quality gift, but also one that is very cheap and can be customized easily and for very little money.

Personalized Wine Glasses

People love to see their names on things. Buy each person at your wedding a personalized wine glass with their name stylishly printed on the side. This not only shows that you’re thinking of the guest in question, but that you cared enough about them to customize their wedding favor.

Candy Bags

Almost everyone loves candy! Sheer, personalized bags tied with ribbons and then filled with small candies immediately catch the attention of the receiver. They can also be enjoyed right away and during the wedding itself. These are also another low cost option, but wouldn’t retract from (and would in fact add to) the theme of the wedding itself.


Coasters, personalized with whatever you desire, are a great idea for a wedding or party favor. Not only are they useful, but anything can be printed onto them quickly and easily. If you want a low cost option, coasters are definitely the way to go.

Limoges Boxes

Limoges Boxes are at the top of the food chain when it comes to wedding favors. These French gift boxes are a huge hit at any wedding and can be a great gift for the guests. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re an amazing takeaway from any event. The memories these boxes Limoge Boxes can inspire for years afterwards make them the perfect wedding favor.

Silk Fans

No matter where you are or what event you’re setting up, fans (especially decorative silk fans) are an interesting and thoughtful wedding favor. You could also buy blank fans and have your guests customize them with paint themselves as a fun craft idea (or just do it yourself and save money!).

Glass Candle Holders

Candle holders can be used for years and are a sturdy gift to hand out at events. They are also customizable. Personalize the candle holders with a fun quote or the name of the recipient!

Customized Salt & Pepper Shakers

Continuing with the theme of interesting wedding favor ideas, we cannot forget the salt and pepper shakers. But since this is a wedding, the shakers really should be customized, right? Get your cute quotes, your wedding names, you guest names, whatever you like, and emblazon those on the side of the shakers. No matter what, I guarantee you people will love this effective and low cost gift with a passion.

Customized Playing Cards

If you buy customized playing cards, you can double this gift as a fun activity for your guests! Playing cards, especially ones personalized with whatever you deem important, makes them a thoughtful and fun wedding favor that no one is likely to forget.

Key Tags

Key tags are a very unique wedding favor and one that isn’t as utilized as most of the others above. However, they can be beautifully customized and the imagery of ‘keys’ to such places as the heart is really essential in a wedding and recognized immediately.