Wedding at Post Card Inn

September 25, 2013 12:15 pm Published by

Written by Ashlee

I have been dying to shoot at the Postcard Inn! It’s a really lovely rustic hotel in St. Pete Beach. It has the most style and is the most fun out of any beach hotel around! I love their lobby, filled with books, hip furniture, driftwood, surf boards, and gorgeous lighting fixtures. Then you step out to the courtyard and are met with big beautiful trees with lanterns hanging from their branches. There’s a fire pit, ping pong table, comfy deck chairs and gorgeous landscaping all the way down to their pool! Cap that off with the perfect tiki beach bar just as you hit the sand and you’ve got a recipe for an incredible get away. Needless to say I was THRILLED to shoot Keirsten and Jullian’s Spring Wedding!

Keirsten and Jullian are a couple of Canadians who fell in love here in sunny FL. Jullian is a diver and they love living on the water. Keirsten said she knew right away Postcard Inn would be the perfect spot for their wedding! The style and laid back attitude matched her vision perfectly. The ceremony was set up under one of the many large oaks in the courtyard, complete with baby’s breath aisle runners and lanterns to match the trees. Keirsten was lead down the aisle by her father with a giant smile and the sun coming through the oak trees to greet her. Picturesque doesn’t even begin to describe. Most of their lovely guests had traveled from Canada to celebrate with them and you could tell they were loving the beautiful sunny day.

After the ceremony we had a blast running around the lobby and beach for formals and then it was off to the reception! There are a few places you can throw a reception at Postcard but I think the upstairs Sunset Ballroom was perfect! The room is large yet intimate with hanging lanterns and a giant terrace to enjoy. They threw a tremendous party! Everyone was blown away by the immediate video footage from Randy playing video footage of ceremony right behind the cake table. Their guests were able to enjoy the highlights of everyone getting ready, the ceremony, and the formals as they toasted, cheered, and danced the night away!

It was such a lovely day. Full of smiles and fun. The Postcard Inn poured out hospitality and  truly created a magical atmosphere for this wedding. I really can’t wait to shoot there again!

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