Unity Cross

May 18, 2012 7:30 pm Published by

A new trend that is starting to get popular for Christian couples is doing a “Unity Cross” in place of a Unity Candle/Sand,  as Elizabeth & Timothy Spranger did in this wedding at The Ringling Museum.   It starts with a outer cross, which the groom places in a wooden base, as the Pastor explains how he is bold, strong, defender of the family, yet incomplete without woman.   Then the bride takes the inner cross, which has a more feminine look to it, and she fits it inside the Grooms cross, as the minister explains how the two become one.  Then the Bride , Groom, and Minister take the 3 golden pegs symbolizing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and lock the two crosses together.   A great way to visually share your faith with friends & family.    The Unity Cross works great with a outdoor wedding, you don’t have to worry about lighting candles in the wind, or spilling sand all over the table.  The Cross can then be taken home, and be, not only, a daily reminder of not of your covenant to each other, but also of a marriage centered on Christ.  For more Information visit http://shopinspiration.com/