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August 4, 2012 11:50 am Published by

Since providing Wedding DJs in Tampa since 1991, at Celebrations of Tampa Bay, we have focused our marketing mostly on our Photography and Video Services. As a result we have not communicated to our customers the quality of our Wedding DJs. We have had galleries for our photography, videos from our videographers, yet lacking in information on our DJ services. As a result we have created a page that has short highlight videos of our DJs performing on Tampa Weddings.

Your wedding DJ will make or break a reception, and will have guests either raving about your reception or downplaying your reception. A wedding DJ can negatively or positively affect your wedding video and photography. As being both a DJ and a videographer myself; I have been in a situation while video taping a reception and the DJ gives no advance notice of major event happening on a wedding reception, and as a result, the photographer and myself are scrambling to get our cameras set up. We were on a wedding last year, where we told the DJ we would be outside for a moment, and the DJ started the Father Daughter Dance, without letting us know. Fortunately the mother realized that the photographer and videographer were not there and came and informed us, and we rushed in and we were able to capture most of the dance.  Experiences, such as these have taught me that a wedding DJ has to be a team player and he has to realize that he is the leader of the reception and therefore has to communicate with everyone involved, (caterer, photographer, videographer, guests) what is going on, and give advance warning or else there will be a lot of wasted time and your video and photos and sometimes even the food, will be negatively affected. The DJ, however too many times, only cares about “his jams”, and could care less about the video or the photos.

Our wedding DJs operate as a Team with all the vendors on your wedding. Now, it does make it easy when they are, our photographers, and videographers, because the DJ is in constant communication with them, and even has their cell phone numbers.  Many times when I’m DJing on a wedding, the photographer will call me as the bride is coming from the ceremony, so I know where and when to meet the bridal party to line them up for the formal introductions. Even if your vendors are from other companies, we believe, we are all a team during those 4 or 6 hours of your wedding.

DJs tend to be very eggocentric, and will talk and talk about how they are the best DJ in Tampa. Is it true or is it just cheap talk with false promises? This is where video comes in. You are welcomed to see us live on a wedding, but we may be doing things tailored to that particular bride which you may not like, and it’s not because the DJ is bad, it’s because, it’s what that bride has requested. As a result it’s best to look at videos. By watching our videos, you’ll see alot more in a short amount of time. You can see our DJs doing introductions, cake cutting, etc. We have several short videos of the dancing part of reception, where you can clearly see, our Celebrations of Tampa Bay DJs know how to get people on the dance floor.  We can also show you a whole reception if you would like to make an appointment with us at our office.

We also have a page dedicated to ceremony music so you can hear the music we typically play for the wedding ceremony.

Take a look at our new page, and I think you will find that, just like our Photogrpahy and Videography Services, we also Passionately Pursue Excellence with our Wedding DJ Services.