Respect for Your Time

April 4, 2012 11:27 pm Published by


Has all the wedding planning STRESSED you out?

Welcome to our new Tampa Wedding Photographers website.  We have designed this website with one thought in mind, and that is to show respect for your time.   We  want you to be able to get as much information as possible without having to spend unnecessary time in doing it. 

Earlier this year we decided to switch our Internet and phone from Verizon to Bright house because of customer service issues.  I was so frustrated with Verizon having to enter 18 digit account numbers, and 12 digit account numbers, and then to go through several minutes of automated voice directories, just to get help.  I said to myself, I will never treat my customers like that.    

frustrated….. just trying  to get information…

 In designing this site, we looked at hundreds of photographers’ websites all across the country and I noticed most photographers forcing their brides to “jump through hoops” just to get basic information.  Why is that?  Here you have brides who are interested in your services.,  and you frustrate them by making them fill out long forms, just to get information, or make them set up an appointment just to  find out what you charge.   No wonder Brides are stressed out.   Don’t you realize this is 2012, people are overwhelmed and therefore, time is very valuable.   I believe that the business who don’t understand this will fail eventually.  Therefore in everything we do, whether it’s through our website, or how we perform on your wedding (see our Philosophy),   we have this in the back of our minds.   You have honored us by being interested or choosing us for your special day, and thus we won’t waist your time, so that you are freed up to focus on your life and things that matter to you.

Don’t lose sight on what this day is about.

On our home page, you’ll notice an easy contact form; simply put your name and email address and ask your question.   If you want to give us more information than that, that’s fine, but it’s not a requirement to get answers to your questions.   We’ve categorized our Galleries by the type of venue your wedding is at (Church, Beach, Country Club), so that you can view pictures that will be similar to your setting, or check out different venues, if you haven’t booked that yet.    There are no hidden prices, or fancy words like investment.  All of our rates are out in the open for everyone to see.

Some of the ways we respect your time is what you DON’T see on our website.  No fancy flash galleries that take forever to load.   You can easily navigate between pictures and galleries, or just sit back and watch a slide show.      There is no annoying music in the background!

I was never more happy to pay a bill than I was when I paid my first Bright House invoice.  It was simple easy to read,   unlike the multi-page Verizon bill with hidden charges.  I felt like, here was a company that respected my time, so that I can get back to doing what I do best, shooting and editing weddings.  We hope you enjoy the new website and find it easy to use.