Passionate Videographers

March 10, 2014 9:51 pm Published by

On Saturday as I was getting my opening video shots for a wedding at The Grand Plaza, I’m lying prostrate in the sand.  My camera literally setting in the sand in a hill of sea oats, with my shoulder pressed against some sandspurs, and my cheek flat on the sand, trying to get my face low enough so I could see through my view finder.   All that just to get one great shot of a dandelion with the Grand Plaza in the background (left).  As I got up, brushed the sand off my body, some beach goers, walking close by,  a little startled seeing this guy walking out of the hill of sea oates,  I was thinking to myself “what other videographer does this?”  Well I’m sure I’m not the only hardworking videographer out there,  but I don’t think there’s many.  Its that drive to get the creative shot.

I have been doing video now for almost 20 years now, and I’m still learning, still plenty of new ideas to try to make this video better than my last video.  I am so blessed to be able to get paid to do what I love to do, praise God.  I understand the value this video will have for the bride and groom and for their families for years to come.  I know that, not only will this bride and groom be able to relive one of the greatest days in their lives, but their future kids and other family members will as well and as time goes by, and we lose members of our families that are dear to us, I know that video, and words of those precious loved ones, will be viewed on this video, and will make it priceless for years to come.  This is why I specialize in weddings.  When I shoot  a corporate video, I know that eventually that video will be thrown away at some point, but I know this wedding video will never be thrown away. (provided they don’t get a divorce).  One of my mentors, Brett Culp, of Brett Culp films (another passionate videographer) tells a story of a couple breaking up, and the husband comes back to their house pick up some of his things, and sees his wife watching their wedding video, and in a moment, decides, he is going to make this marriage work.  Some of my brides have told me they watch the video on their anniversaries or at Christmas time, and that is very rewarding to me, because after all the marriage is more important than the wedding itself and to know that our videos can play a role in the marriage is pretty special.

On this wedding we had 4 cameras set up, I put one in the presidential room, shooting down on the ceremony site (right), and had 3 cameras at ground level.  It takes a lot of work and experience to have the right settings on all 4 cameras, to have the right lenses on the right camera at the right time completely right,  and to be adjusting for the changing light of a beach wedding.  I love the challenges of a beach wedding, because I know that, its situations like this that separate the average videographer from the great videographer.

It’s all about passion, it’s the one thing I look for when I hire a videographer or photographer.  Skill is easily taught, but if a videographer, or photographer does not have the passion and the attitude to learn, than they will not join our team.  I’m very happy with our videographers, whether it’s Diego, who has been shooting with us for 15 years, or Dave who also edits for us, or Tyler or Chad, or our photographer Joe (left) who shot this wedding, I know they all have the passion and understand the responsibility of capturing that expression, that moment, that you don’t get a 2nd chance, you either get it or your don’t.  It can be pressure, but to someone who has mastered their craft, it’s the greatest job in the world.

Grand Plaza (Moroccan-Latin) from Celebrations of Tampa Bay on Vimeo.

Grand Plaza from Celebrations of Tampa Bay on Vimeo.