Edited vs Unedited Video

July 2, 2012 8:19 pm Published by

As a Wedding Videographer in Tampa, I often get the question, “What is the difference between a edited video and a unedited video?”  My first thought is, “isn’t that obvious? ” The unedited video is not edited;  but then I realize not everyone knows the videographer lingo,  so I will explain & show the difference and a couple of mis-understandings about the edited video.

This edited segment of the Opening to the Long Version above,   shows how we add in music, text, transitions between shots,  and effects like slow motion.  Notice in the opening shots how we alternate between showing the outside of the glass elevator in the front of the Embassy Suites to the shot inside the elevator going up,  to clearly show the view, of what is happening inside the elevator, and give the viewer perspective where this elevator is in regards to the outside of the hotel.

 Myth #1 Unedited Footage gives you more footage.   This is not necessarily true with us.   We give you the Long Version which has most the footage, with the exception of mistakes or unflattering shots which you wouldn’t want on your video anyways.  Notice in the two videos above, the footage is pretty much the same, we  just added slow motion, transitions, and re-arranged some of the shots.

In the above video we added a Sepia effect, which goes with the “Blues” style music we used from “Oceans 11”.

 Myth #2  I won’t hear the words being said or the music during the ceremony. We carefully monitor the audio, so when there are words being said, we bring that audio up, and lower the volume of the music, so that you can hear the essence of the day.  In the edited video below, we took out the ambient noise, so that the music sounds clear, yet you can also hear the mother & daughter talking.  We always keep in the music you have during your ceremony, and during the dancing of the reception.

In the unedited video below you hear the noise of the hotel and the photographer giving direction.  Also the editing will increase the quality of the shot, for example notice the shakiness of the shot below when the videographer is shooting across a great distance, yet in the edited version above, we used slow motion;  not only to heighten the emotion, but also to ease the effect of the shakiness of the camera.   

The choice is completely up to you.  We are fine if you choose the unedited video, because when we calculate the time it takes with our style of editing and the $200-$250  for editing, it computes to under minimum wage, however we also know that when your family and friends see our edited videos, we will get a lot of referrals, which is why we offer the edited video at such a low price.  We also know that unless you have someone editing your wedding (who is experienced at video editing), you are probably going to be much happier with the edited video.