Downtown Tampa Wedding

March 3, 2014 3:40 pm Published by

A fun downtown wedding as I had the privilege of being the chauffeur as well as the videographer on this wedding of Diana Hernandez & Anthony Scaglione.  Being that we wanted to go to 3 different locations in downtown Tampa between church and the reception, we had decided to have the Bride and Groom ride with us, our photographer and her assistant,  in my new Chevy Suburban,  and send the bridal party in the Limo to the reception at The Straz Center.  There was no way a Limo was going to be able to maneuver around tight congested city streets and no real place to park, and also keep us all in one vehicle so easy in, easy out.

The ceremony was at Sacred Heart Catholic Church and for the 2nd week in a row the bride/groom did something, following our advice in our Bridal Folder,  that greatly helped their wedding photos.  This time we had wanted to go into the balcony, but when I went up there, the door was already locked.  I asked the coordinator if we could get in the balcony for some pictures and she had said the bride and groom’s time was up so she would not allow is in the balcony.  When I informed the Bride and Groom about it, Anthony, decided to go to the coordinator and sure enough, she opened the door for us.   I guess it was different coming from the groom.  We as photographers can only do so much with a church or venue coordinator, however, as a bride and groom, your requests carry a little more importance to them, so that is why we ask you to back us up, if we run into an issue with a coordinator.  I gaved a thumbs up to the groom, cause I knew, the best place at Sacred Heart Church is in the balcony, as we can get on ladders and shoot down, so you have the whole backdrop of the church sanctuary and beautiful architecture in the background, something that you really cannot do at ground Level.  We have tips like this in our Bridal Folder that we give to our brides who book us, to help educate you with potential obstacles, so as to avoid anything that might negatively affect your wedding photos.

After the formals at the church we went to the Tampa Mural at 1102 N. Florida St, a postcard-like mural on a brick building, facing Royal Street.  This mural, which was recently re-done by muralist Carl Cowdin III,  is a brightly colored T-A-M-P-A, each letter filled with iconic scenes showing the city’s subtropical landscape and diverse history.  

We then went to the historic Tampa Theatre on Franklin Street mall, originally built in 1926, restored in 1977.  It was a good thing the bride and groom chose to ride in my Suburban rather than the limo,  as there is no place to park, and being that we were on a tight time schedule, the only thing to do was pull up on a curb and make a parking spot.  “Hey, when you have a bride in your truck, you can do pretty much anything”.  The marquee, and the lights underneath the marquee, make for some great backgrounds as you can see.

After the Tampa Theatre, we went to the University of Tampa, which is always a great location for pictures, as you have such a variety.  The Victorian background of the building itself, the water shots with the Hillsborough River, and some great natural scenery with the grass and palm trees.  

Once we were done at University of Tampa, we dropped the bride and groom off at the Straz Center,( where they enjoyed the cocktail hour outdoors in the tent on the Hillsborough River.  We decided to do the Bridal Party shots at the Straz Center, with the waterfalls they have, it makes a great background for great group shots,  wide enough and tall enough where you do not have to worry about people in the background.

It was a great day being a videographer as well as the Chauffeur.  How about “Celebrations Limo Service”, no, I think not, I’ll stick with being a videographer, but we will serve in any way we can, even if it’s not in our job description.  Bottom Line is we will do whatever we have to do to make your wedding day a success, even if it means jumping a few curbs.  We will be posting the video of this downtown Tampa wedding later this week.