Wedding on Yacht Sensation – Lauren & James

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June 23, 2017 10:36 pm Published by

Destination Wedding of Lauren Hill & James Johnson from Cincinnati, on the Yacht Sensation in Clearwater Beach. Lauren & James met the summer of 2004 at a party. Lauren grew up with and was good friends with Jame’s cousin, Johnathon. James just happened to be at a party whee Lauren & Johnathon were celebrating graduating high school. Lauren & James spent the whole night talking. James kissed her good night and she was impressed. They exchanged phone numbers and he called 2 days later. After a 1st date they spent the summer. Lauren then attending college in Florida while James was back in Cincinnati. After a year and a half she moved back to Cincy and the rest was history.

The Yacht Sensation is operated by Yacht Starship Dining Cruises. Having a wedding on the Yacht Sensation provides a great experience for the guests as well as the bridal party. They always get great reviews on their food and you can’t beat the scenery.

If having a wedding on the Yacht Sensation or Yacht Starship, it is important to have a photographer and videographers who are very skilled and familiar with shooting on the yacht. We used 5 cameras for the video, which can be challenging with the tight space. For more of our weddings on the Yacht Sensation see