Wedding Hooks Bar & Grill at Little Harbor

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December 24, 2017 10:41 pm Published by

Wedding of Tiffany Walters & Michael Gardner on the patio of Hooks Bar & Grill at Little Harbor Resort in Ruskin Florida.

Still Photography by Tammy with True Love Photography  , her husband Rev Rick Lackore our favorite Officiant with Sensational Ceremonies  performed the ceremony.

Tiffany & Michael met by divine providence. Tiffany was suppose to be on a blind date with someone else at Beanie’s in Ruskin. Mike had just arrived back into town that night from being on the road working for 4 months and stopped into Beanies for beer and dinner. Tiffany went up to the bar and started talking to a woman what was there with her husband, whom Mike happend to be talking with. Tiffany ended up getting stood up by her blind date and told that to the woman, who told it to her husband, which Mike happened to overhear. Mike then come over to Tiffany and said “I don’t need the internet to ask a beautiful woman out on a date.” Tiffany responded “I don’t want you to feel obligated because you feel sorry for Me”. Mike said “no obigation here”. They proceeded to talk which led to dating and a wedding in December 2017 at Little Harbor.

The Resort at Little Harbor is one of the most convenient venues for a destination wedding in the Tampa Bay Area. It is about 30 minutes south of Tampa just off I-75. It has so many advantages over the Pinellas County Beaches. There is not as much traffic and crowds to deal with. There is a variety of scenery for wedding photography and all within easy walking distance. There is no issue with parking. The scenery is great with the Pier, beach, the rocks along the board walk, and plenty of lush tropical greenery. Even if you do not like to deal with the sand, you can get many great shots of the water and pier without even having to walk in the sand. It has two great restaurants on site. The larger Sunset Grill which also the Royal Palm Ballroom which holds up to 180 guests. It also has the smaller more quaint Hooks Bar & Grill which had nice outdoor seating on the creek. Both restaurants has some incredibly delicious food.

It is Ideal for weddings with out of town guests as you actually have two different options for lodging on Propoerty. The larger Harborside Suites has spacious rooms and an impressive patio area next to the boat docks which make great areas for photography. The smaller Inn at Little Harbor is a little closer to the pier right next to Hooks Bar & Grill.

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