Aerial & Real Estate Video

Aerial Videographers in Tampa

Our Tampa Aerial Videographers will provide amazing video of your property, sporting event, or wedding.

Our name is Tampa Aerial Media, however we have shot aerials from Maine to the Florida Keys.   We are certified by the FAA with a Remote Pilot Certificate with Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations part 107.

Aerial Video adds a whole new dimension to showing Real Estate, Sporting Events, Construction,  Tower Inspeciations, or Weddings.  We are skilled in ground level photography & video and therefore can combine it our unmanned aerial vehicles to give you impressive promotional video or photos.   If interested in having us shoot, feel free to email me at or use the contact form below.

An advantage to using our services is not only great spectacular aerial video, but also your rankings on Google and other search engines.  We are also very active with social media, You Tube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, etc.  We will upload your video to you tube that allows you to attach it to your listings, your websites, Tweets, and even to your own emails.  High quality pictures and video will get a higher search engine ranking, thus giving you more exposure that will help to promote your property, event, or business.  Our Real Estate Videographers can show the openness of an area, yet without making it look fake.

Real Estate value is about location, so it is always good to highlight the area around your property.   Tampa Bay is surrounded by great bodies of water and landscaping, and we will show that off.    We use a Quadcopter Drone, which is very safe and light weight (under 3lbs).  We can fly to up to 400 feet and avoid all areas around airports, and always within line of sight.   Due to the versatility of our drones, we also can shoot very smooth ground level video such as, flying toward your property from the street, or even down the street to show the neighborhood.  The dynamic of movement really gives the buyer a sense that, they have been inside the property.

Inside your property, we use very expensive low light lenses that will brighten rooms without any grain in the picture.  A professional Real Estate Videographer will know how to use lighting and exposure to demonstrates the pleasing architecture of the building.  Whether you want straight Real Estate video or interested in Aerial video as well, feel free to contact us at




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