Wedding at the Duval Ballroom Holiday Inn Clearwater Beach

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June 30, 2015 2:13 pm Published by

South Clearwater Beach Wedding

Wedding at Duval Ballroom

Spectacular Sunset on Wedding at the Duval Ballroom

Convenience and nice backgrounds are two advantages when having a wedding at the Duval Ballroom. The Duval Ballroom is part of the Holiday Inn on Clearwater Beach, however, it is a separate building from the main hotel. Therefore the weddings are a little secluded from public and other hotel guests. Parking is very convenient for a hotel beach venue as you can park right underneath the building. The Duval Ballroom has a huge Sunset Terrace with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico, perfect for cocktail hour.

Weddings at Duval Ballroom

As a wedding photographer we like this part of Clearwater Beach. There is a jetty of rocks behind the Duval Ballroom and Shephards Beach Resort which provides great opportunities for artistic wedding photos. Nearby Sand Key Bridge also makes a nice background. If a bride is willing, we like to put her up on the rocks along the Duval Ballroom for some nice Nautical Themed Photos. The earth-toned color of the Duval Ballroom is great for wedding photography, it provides good contrast with wedding colors.

Todd Gilman Photography was the still photographer on this wedding. It was great working with him and his son.
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